All Round Wellness | Full Ritual

All five functional mushrooms. A perfect trial range or gift set for special occasions and festivals.

Lion’s Mane – Cognitive function boost for focus and memory

Turkey Tail – Enhance gut health and reduce inflammation

Reishi – Promote quality sleep to help support well-balanced immune system

Chaga & Siberian Ginseng – Powerful antioxidant that scavenge free radicals

Cordyceps – Provide you the energy for stamina and endurance


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Lion’s Mane Tincture: Organic Australian grown Lion’s Mane mushroom fruit body and mycelium Extract, pure grain alcohol, deionised water

Cordyceps Tincture: Organically cultured Cordyceps sinensis strain CS-4 extract, pure grain alcohol, deionised water

Reishi Tincture: Organic Australian grown Red Reishi Mushroom Fruit Body Extract, pure grain alcohol, deionised water

Chaga Tincture: Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract, Siberian Ginseng Extract, pure grain alcohol, deionised water

Turkey Tail Tincture: Organic Australian grown Turkey Tail Mushroom Fruit body and Mycelium Extract , pure grain alcohol, deionised water

Directions of use
Add 1ml of each tincture to beverages of your choice, 1-2 times a day.If you wish to remove the alcohol content, add the tincture in hot beverages (> 80°C).

Use daily to maximize health benefits


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