Antinol Joint Soft Gel Capsule (Joint Supplement for Dogs)


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Antinol Joint Supplement can help dogs cats remain active and playful longer, with a potent joint support formula of Omega fatty acids. Antinol is a daily soft gel that helps protect joint health, promoting healthy cartilage and greater mobility, to help pets maintain active lives, doing the things they love to do. In a veterinary assessment, up to 90 percent of dogs cats who received Antinol showed enhanced mobility. If you’re noticing changes in your pet’s activity level, Antinol may be able to help, promoting joint comfort and reducing inflammation. And with its Omega fatty acid blend, Antinol can benefit skin and coat health as well as joint health.

  • Promotes greater mobility and joint comfort in dogs cats
  • Safe for long term use daily use
  • Contains a blend of Omega fatty acids
  • Comes in a soft gel that can be given whole or mixed in food
  • Can also benefit skin health