BambooSilk Pillowcases (Midnight Dive)


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Our pillowcases are ultra-soft and superbly comfortable. Crafted with 100% organic and sustainable bamboo, the silken texture of BambooSilk pillowcases are gentle on hair and skin, preventing frizz and knots so you wake up looking and feeling well rested. Best of all, it is Oeko-tex certified free from harmful chemicals, and bamboo is hypoallergenic, naturally repelling dust mites, mould and mildew for safe, hygienic slumber.

*Products are all made with natural dye, and due to the smooth texture of the fabric, color might be different from photos, as well as under different lighting conditions. Photos are all taken under natural AM sunlight.

What’s Inside:
2x pillowcases (packed in a reusable BambooSilk bag)


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