Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2013 700ml


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tasting notes

Nose: The nose opens with delicate floral notes of lily and geranium before warm orange zest and dried earthy peat smoke brings body and gravity. Banoffee pie and digestive biscuit come out from behind the peat smoke and carry forward this dram’s malty, fruity character. Cherry coconut and malted barley counterbalance apricot and melon. Sweet and enticing; the oak and the outstanding peppery phenolic notes are balanced perfectly with the fruit and floral style of our slow, careful fermentation and distillation.

Palate: The first taste is a wondrous thing; all at once the salinity, ripe fruit, light peat smoke, and sweet oak show their presence in a whirl of complexity. There is great texture from the spirit and its maturation allows a subtle almond note to combine with coconut, caramel, vanilla, and muscovado sugar. The peat smoke is beautifully balanced. It is a dram that is gentle on the palate yet has a tremendous depth of flavour.

Finish: The finish is once more perfectly balanced. The smoke, fruit, oak and floral notes melt into each other, and a beautiful creamy texture allows melon, peach and cherry to come through before dwindling into the dry embers of peat in the hearth.






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