Bruichladdich Scottish Barley 700ml


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tasting notes

Color: Sunlight on fields of early summer barley.

Nose: The bouquet is brilliant. Opening with lemon, honey and cherry blossom. Balanced and refined, complex and layered, take a little time to allow the whisky to open and reveal notes of aromatic warm peach and dried apricot. Creamy fudge, caramelised brown sugar from the oak and a classic mineral quality of warm salt laden sand comes through with candied lemon peel and orange barley sugar. After adding a drop of water, a hint of myrtle and brine appears then toffee vanilla and a raspberry ripple tell of the sweet fruity character, shaped by the oak and displaying a classic floral Bruichladdich elegance.

Palate: Immediately the texture of this whisky demands your attention, it is so soft and enveloping. At 50% abv the gentleness of the spirit is remarkable, the texture of
the natural barley oils coaxed through the tall Bruichladdich stills hold the flavour beautifully. The oak takes centre stage, sweet vanilla caramel, resinous toasted oak. Then the fruits of slow distillation come to the fore, cooked apples, lemon meringue, soon that mineral salty tang, the signature of maturation here on Islay. The cleanliness of the spirit is astonishing. Its transparency invites you to explore all the qualities of its creation.

Finish: On the finish initially there are notes of coconut and that mineral character comes through again bringing more sweet ripe fruits. Lemon balm and barley sugar with hints
of mint and the green fruit found in our spirit quietly draw a close to a vibrant, complex whisky. Each vintage used, each cask type selected plays its part in creating this evolving expression of our distilling exploration.






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