Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 2004 75cl without gift box (3 bottle case)


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tasting notes

On the nose, out of the floral softness of lime tree emerges the grey, toasted, ashy minerality so typical of Dom Pérignon. A taste of dried fruit, i.e. apricot, appears, then the candied fruitiness of raspberry and fig. Unexpectedly, the freshness of lemon verbena, white pepper and rosemary rises for an instant, before plunging into the darkness of spices and liquorice root.

On the palate, this is a physical wine. It calls to you and draws you in, more tactile and vibrant than aromatic. Like a wave, it is built on rhythm and breaks: first it unfolds, then envelops – generous and structured – before withdrawing into a deep, dark verticality that slowly stretches towards a bitter, sapid iodine sensation.

It is pairs best with smoked foods or slightly spicy dishes, like a mild curry. The smokiness and spice in the wine will complement these complex flavors. It is not recommended to serve with foods that are very spicy.


without gift box, with gift box