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Glendalough Burgundy Grand Cru 700ml


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An unpeated single grain whiskey from Ireland. Produced by Glendalough Distillery, matured in a first fill bourbon barrel initially and then transferred into a Grand Cru Burgundy, Pinot Noir Wine Cask. Resulting in a fruity and fresh whiskey with touches of citrus, summer berries and peppery wood spices.

This most quintessentially Irish style of whiskey, pot still, is first matured in ex-bourbon casks, then in Irish Oak felled in the mountains around the distillery. While the bourbon cask softens and sweetens the whiskey, the higher levels of flavor in Irish oak complement and balance the classic pot still spices.

Tasting Notes

Light but rich, leafy and leathery with, vanilla and dark cherries.

Fruity and fresh, with citrus but dry with rich berry notes.

Earthy, tannins and peppery wood spices.