Glendalough Madeira Cask Finish 700ml


Another top notch single cask offering from Irish distillers Glendalough.
This blended Irish dram has enjoyed a cask finish in a former Madeira barrel. This finish has lent delightful fruity flavours that perfectly complement the spirit’s natural sweetness. Drinkers can expect notes of white grape, sweet wine, subtle baking spices, vanilla, grassy malt, some grain sweetness, toffee, apples, a little dried fruit and cherry, and some crisp oak. Well balanced and approachable, this is another impressive whiskey from Glendalough.

Tasting Notes

Rich yet light and inviting with sultanas, exotic fruit, mango and pineapple.

Complex yet light and lively with cooked fruit, raisins, dark cherry, and plum.

Complex and sweet.