Grace Wine – Gris De Koshu 2020


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Inspired by the potential of Pinot Gris when visiting Alsace, our 4th generation owner started making the first vintage of this wine in 1999. The origin was the idea of “making a white wine (Koshu) for everyday enjoyment”, and the word “Gris” was derived from the French word “gris” meaning “pinkish grey”, which is the colour Koshu’s skins, and “de” from French again, meaning “of”.

The wine is made from grapes grown in the Yamanashi prefecture. It fully expresses the individuality of varietal Koshu: fruity, with refreshing acidity, and moderate umami. We started making the wine with an eye on the future, that one day Japanese wine will be part of our dining culture, and our wine will accompany not just dining tables at home, but in restaurants throughout the country as well, as a wine that faithfully presents the characteristics of Koshu.

In 2013, Gris de Koshu received the highest award (Trophy) in the white wine category at the Decanter Asia Wine Award and became a representative white wine of Asia. Gris de Koshu was also the label that was selected for the commemorative celebration party for the Nobel Prize winner of 2017, Yoshinori Ohsumi, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, for his research on autophagy.