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KOMASA GIN-Sakurajima Komikan is a new sense of gin that is easy to drink for a wide range of people, while produced to pursue the appeal of spirits as can only be done by Komasa Jyozo, which has over 130 years of experience making shochu in Kagoshima. Typical gins are distilled with various kinds of botanicals along with juniper berries, while KOMASA GIN is characterized by the minimalization of additional elements. As a result, it is easy to enjoy fragrance and flavor of only the very best ingredients. The major botanical is the Sakurajima komikan. The world’s smallest mikan, or satsuma mandarin, is an important crop on Mt. Sakurajima as it is unsuitable for rice production due to its volcanic ash soil. With a diameter of only 4-5cm and weight of 20-50g, its size is small but its presence is immense.