Heroes KUPZZY (24 cans)


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Heroes Beer Co.
New England Double IPA | 7.8%

Kupzzy the phoenix was born with unparalleled vision. She’s led her followers through rains and storms with her immense courage. But the sky is getting darker than ever as a dark force is bringing in unprecedented cyclones and thunder. For the first time, the only clear path she sees leads her flock into a terrifying cluster of black holes.

Time is pressed and forward is the only way through if they don’t want to get wiped out by the storm. She takes the lead, and dives into the black hole, only with hope that there is a bright warm sun waiting for them at the other end.

Champion IPA of Asia, Asia Beer Championship 2021
Gold Medal, Asia Beer Championship 2021
Bronze Medal, AIBA 2021
Best IPA, HKDIWSC 2020
Gold Medal, Asia Beer Championship 2020


21 – 40


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