Masahiro – Okinawa Craft Gin (Recipe 1)


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Awamori base

Six Botanicals: juniper berries, guava leaves, long pepper, roselle, goya  and shekwasha.

Sharp fruit sweetness tempered by earthy juniper and leafy hints. Citrus blossom keeps it fresh.

Okinawa, the southern island of Japan where is far away from England and Europe, the home of Gin. In 2017, at the distillery at the southernmost tip of Okinawa Main Island, the first Craft Gin from this island gave its birth. When the first drop of Okinawan Gin dripped in the distillery, they were in the middle of hot summer and they felt Okinawa’s seasonal wind “Mahae”. The factory overflowed with aroma that has never been felt before.


World Gin Awards 2020 – Bronze

Gold Quality Award 2019

Bronze Medal at Wine Luxe International Awards 2018