Monkey 47 – Barrel Cut


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Monkey 47 Barrel Cut is a dry gin with subtle fruity notes, elegant sweetness that offer an experience with extremely dense and uniquely complex.

After several years of sensory research and experimentation with all kinds of wood in search of the Monkey’s perfect companion, we’ve adopted a very traditional approach in our hunt for the perfect barrel-aged Monkey 47. This ligneous chapter led us straight to the Palatinate of southwest Germany, where wooden barrels are still made by hand for the maturation and refinement of distillates.

Now long since forgotten, the rare wood of the mulberry tree was once traditionally used for these purposes in connection with the finest distillates the Black Forest had to offer. This highly aromatic substance is one the most redolent woods available. The unique colour and aroma it yields during maturation result in a deep golden yellow and an elegant hint of subtle sweetness.