Nutravet – Nutramarin+ (SAMe 100mg Liver Supplement for Dogs & Cats) 60 caps


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Nutramarin+ provides an advanced fast-acting, triple-action formula to naturally support and maintain healthy liver function in dogs & cats. Compared with Nutramarin, Nutramarin+ provides an advanced high strength double enteric-coated sprinkle capsule which is probably one of the first SAM e products to provide this option in the market.

With most of the SAMe products being tablets, our unique sprinkle capsules are able to provide an easier administration, either open the capsules and sprinkle the content into the pet’s food or administer the whole capsule.

With the double enteric coating & the unique formulation of SAMe, Silybin & Turmeric extract (Curcumin), it can give the best support and maintain healthy liver function naturally in pets. Double enteric coating allows these active ingredients to transit through the stomach to the small intestine before being released where they can be absorbed to have the best effect.

SAMe S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (90% Pure) 100mg

A naturally occurring methyl donor that has strong antioxidant properties and has been shown to help aid healthy liver function

Silybin (Milk Thistle Complex) 10mg

A special bioavailable complexed form of Milk Thistle extract which has proven bioactive properties. Silybin works as a high potency antioxidant within the liver, supports the natural systems that control inflammation.

Studies have shown that Silybin when complexed with soybean phosphatidylcholine results in superior absorption and bioavailability compared to silymarin. Administration of the Silybin-Phosphatidylcholine Complex was capable of reaching effective intracellular levels in liver microsomes and not achieved with silymarin alone.(Altern Med Rev 2005;10(3):193-203)

Phosphatidylcholine itself is a bioactive nutrient with documented clinical efficacy for liver diseases, it helps repair and replaces cell membranes while silybin protects the liver by conserving glutathione. It is also absorbed in at least 4 times more completely than silymarin, reaching the liver rapidly and appearing in the bile within a few hours. Meanwhile, compared with the majority of the standardized milk thistles, the silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex increases in bioavailability, reportedly reaching up to 10 times more.