Nutrience Care – Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry food For Dog 5lb


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Nutrience Care Sensitive Skin Stomach is a limited ingredient, a gluten-free diet specifically designed for dogs with food sensitivities or prone to digestive issues. This easy-to-digest formula is made with a special combination of hydrolyzed fish protein concentrate, pumpkin, pre probiotics and omega-3 6 fatty acids to support

The importance of a good digestive system and healthy gut flora cannot be overstated when it comes to proper nutrient absorption.

Digestiboost is a cold-formed, air-dried digestive aid, rich in soluble, insoluble prebiotic fibers, organic acids, and gut-soothing ingredients, including, but not limited to pumpkin, chia, flax ginger.

Recommended for:

– Adult dogs
– Growing puppies
– Pregnant lactating dogs
– Food allergies and intolerances
– Dogs with gastrointestinal issues
– Dogs wit dermatological issues
– Dogs with digestive issues