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African Juniper never Dried: At Procera, we are the pioneers of the use of the high-altitude African Juniperus Procera berry which we distill fresh and never dried, unlike almost all other gins. These innovations create an elegant gin of distinction with a nutty, bright flavour profile truly representative of its African sun-kissed terroir and birthplace.

Limited Release, Vintage 2021: We harvest Procera berries with the help of the local community at the end of the long, mid-year rains. Our Limited Edition Red Dot Gin displays a distinctive spicy character and powerful flavour profile reflecting 2021’s unique climatic conditions. No two years of this small production gin will be the same, creating vintages reflective of their harvest.

Procera gin was founded with a dream to bring the very best of Africa to the world. Our gin is skilfully crafted in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s the world’s first gin to use Juniperus Procera, which we harvest just 70 kilometres from our distillery in Kijabe, picked from trees growing at an altitude of 2,200m. Procera captures and expresses the terroir of our continent in every sip.

Procera Red Dot is a powerful and bold gin designed to be used in classic drinks such as the Negroni, Red Snapper and Martinez, alongside more robust contemporary serves. Possessing an extraordinary spiciness and complex umami depth, Procera Red Dot was designed specifically with cocktails in mind, and has the incredible intensity and breadth of flavour to stylishly stand up to and complement a vast array of other flavours. With the addition of our bespoke Red Dot salt, the flavour of mixed drinks can be further intensified and heighted to a new level of layered complexity.

tasting note

Nose: Explosively expressive and opulent with a distinct peppery character set against a powerful backdrop of juniper. Savoury umami bass-notes and fresh citrus top-notes compliment an aromatic burst.

Palate: Lively and spicy, with a delicious balance of savoury, peppery, herbaceous flavours working in harmony with intense aspects of fresh juniper and a whisper of citrus. Builds intensity in the mouth before climaxing in a crescendo of bold flavours on the finish, whilst disguising it’s higher ABV with stealth and subtlety.

ways of serve

Negroni, Red Snapper and Martinez

Alcohol: 51%
Country of Origin: Kenya
Size: 700ml


San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Double Gold Medal 2021


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