Singleton 12 Years Old Sherry 70cl


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tasting notes

Oak barrels are the soul of whiskey and one of the main elements that affect its flavor. Whiskey soaked in Sherry oak barrels has a rich taste, rich flavor, multiple layers, and a special exotic spice flavor, which is generally favored by drinkers. Sugden, as the leader of the whiskey trend, upholds the spirit of brand innovation and will bring a new direction to the “Shirley Battle”, vowing to break through the traditional frame of Sherry, go beyond the process and Taste impression, launched the shocking masterpiece “Scottish 12 Years Single Malt Whiskey – Full Sherry Edition”, challenging the title of “The Smoothest Sherry Flavored Whiskey in History”, which is bound to hit an unprecedented wave of Sherry craze, leading the brand Drunk explores Shirley’s new realm.