Stolichnaya Premium 750ml


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tasting notes

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Aroma: Flinty, mineral, charcoal and cracked black pepper.
Taste: Cracked black pepper with slight sweetness, creamy mouth feels and hints of aniseed, liquorice, and sweet citrus.
Aftertaste: Slightly sweet with cracked black pepper. Hints of grainy aniseed, liquorice, and charcoal.

Stolichnaya® is established in 1938. They are present across a network of more than 220 markets. It is one of the leading vodka brands in North America. The vodka was made by grain with the process of 75 hours of fermentation, 3 times of distillation, and 4 steps of filtration. In 2006, Russian authorities introduced “Alpha Spirit” to recognise the quality of spirit produced by Stolichnaya®.

Stolichnaya® has grown into an iconic brand, known for its heritage, and high-quality liquid around the world over.


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