BLUNT umbrella – Executive V.1 (Charcoal)


545  divit里数
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Style: Full-length stick
Open Diameter: 138cm
Closed Length: 95.5cm
Weight: 910g
Wind-tested to: Category 1 hurricane*

Built to last
Resisting the throw-away is part of our fabric and this is reflected in everything we do, from our umbrellas to our packaging. BLUNT Umbrellas are built to last.

Customer services
Our aerodynamic canopy will keep you protected, as BLUNT Umbrellas have been wind tunnel tested to a Category 1 Hurricane (115km/h)*

Made for innovation
The patented BLUNT tips open like miniature umbrellas within pockets at the canopy edge performing multiple purposes giving the BLUNT umbrella it’s superior performance.



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