Carbon Brews Good things Hop’in Threes (24 cans)


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Triple IPA | Abv: 10% | Ibu: 80

Collab with Yakima brewed to showcase HBC-586. Super heavy on the whirlpool hops and then triple dry hopped at 20g/l with HBC-586, Simcoe and HBC-630. Pours a lovely deep gold, resinous with stonefruit, grapefruit, pine and citrus dominating. This baby packs a punch but goes down a little too easy.

與Yakima Chief Hops 合釀的Triple IPA,是次選用了 HBC-586、Simcoe 和 HBC-630 啤酒花,以 20 g/l 進行三次冷泡酒花過程。酒體呈深金色,聞香和味道充滿著樹脂、柑橘、松子和葡萄柚的香氣,讓人不禁再三細嘗。


61 – 80



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