Procera Green Dot



650 = 650

The world of Gin has become rather busy with excessive amounts of botanicals and even colours being used de rigeur. Procera Green Dot was a countermovement to this, striping Gin back to its true essence and letting its terroir come to the fore.

African Juniper never Dried: At Procera, we are the pioneers of the use of the high-altitude African Juniperus Procera berry which we distill fresh and never dried, unlike almost all other gins. These innovations create an elegant gin of distinction with a nutty, bright flavour profile truly representative of its African sun-kissed terroir and birthplace.

Limited Release, Vintage 2021: Our Green Dot 2021 Vintage is the most terroir-driven expression in our range. Representing the absolute personification of what is so special about the Juniperus Procera tree, no two years of this small production gin will be exactly the same, creating vintages reflective of their harvest. The 2021 vintage marks the inaugural release.



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