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Stauning Smoke is the quintessence of the distillery’s innovative New Nordic whisky philosophy: Made from pure local ingredients, malted on open floors, smoked over peat and heather found in the surrounding landscape, double distilled in small flame-heated pot stills and finally aged on 1st Fill wine and spirits casks. The result is an elegant and refined whisky with a gentle smoky taste and a complex character that oozes of the dunes, the heath and the wind by the North Sea.

Stauning appeals to curious whisky drinkers on the hunt for innovation in whisky making and new flavour experiences. They are open-minded and explore all techniques, categories and expressions of whisky. They are just as happy tasting their fine whisky in an expertly made Manhattan cocktail as they are sipping it neat.


Established in 2005 Stauning Whisky is the first whisky distillery in Denmark. The story of 4 engineers, a butcher, a doctor, a teacher, a helicopter pilot and a chef becoming pioneers of whisky making. The idea was to reinvent and rediscover traditional production methods. This idea became the codex that we follow to this day. Put simply, all the ingredients are sourced locally and the production is all in-house. We can proudly say that everything we do is malted, mashed, fermented, distilled, matured and bottled by Stauning Whisky.

Whisky from Stauning is recognisable and displays what simple ingredients can become when refined to the highest standards. In Stauning you can taste the grains, the purity of the water, the herbal heather and the bonfire smoke from the ancient peat. We mature our whiskies relatively short, but there is a deeper reason for this. We want to preserve the fruit-forward character of our whiskies. We use only virgin and first fill casks because we want the cask to deliver its flavour like a punch. Not dragged out over decades. We want the nature of the spirit and the nature of the cask to remain clean and clear in the whisky.

We are not here to do Scottish or Irish or American. We are here to do Stauning – and Stauning means different…good different.

“Nowhere makes a whisky like this. No-one else can.” Dave Broom


World Whiskies Awards 2022 – Best Danish Single Malt
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 – Silver Medal Winner
Beverage Institute Awards 2021 – Gold Medal
IWSC Awards 2020 – 86 Points [Bronze Medal]

Tasting Note:

The taste of buzzing bees and the heather of the moorland in a bottle: A gentle bonfire smoke blends with elegant notes of citrus and honey. In the mouth, a rich taste of tobacco, nuts, vanilla and fresh herbs opens up.

Ways of Serve:

4cl Stauning SMOKE
2 Large Tablespoons
Vanilla Ice Cream
6cl Coconut Milk
1cl Agave Syrup
Garnish: Roasted Coconut Flakes
Pour all the ingredients into a blender and blend.
Serve it in a high ball glass and garnish with roasted coconut flakes.

Alcohol%: 47%
Country of Origin: Denmark




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