BambooSilk Bedding Set (Manhattan Silver)


  • single
  • double
  • queen
  • king
  • super king
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Say “goodbye” to hot flashes and night sweats and “hello” to your best sleep yet. BambooSilk bedding is lightweight, naturally breathable and temperature regulating, helping to prevent dry skin and ensure you sleep comfortably every night no matter which season. Crafted from 100% organic and sustainably sourced bamboo, you can rest easy knowing your bedding is vegan and eco-friendly, Oeko-tex certified free of any harmful chemicals and made from one of earth’s most efficient plants.

*Products are all made with natural dye, and due to the smooth texture of the fabric, color might be different from photos, as well as under different lighting conditions. Photos are all taken under natural AM sunlight.

What’s Inside:
1x fitted sheet
1x duvet cover
2x pillowcases (1 for single size)
all packed in a reusable BambooSilk bag

Organic Bamboo grow without pesticides
OEKO-TEX® – Certified no harmful chemicals


single, double, queen, king, super king



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