Cambridge Japanese Gin


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The first gin in the world to focus entirely on Japanese botanicals. Featuring shiso leaf, sansho pepper, yuzu peel and white roasted sesame seed supporting the juniper base note, this ground-breaking gin is familiar yet exotic, elegant and intense.


Gold medal – European Spirits Challenge 2021

Double Gold medal – China Wine and Spirits Best Value Awards 2017

International Gin of the Year – China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015

Ways to serve:

60ml Japanese Gin
10ml Dry Vermouth
Shiso leaf garnish

25ml Japanese Gin
15ml Yuzu sake
2.5ml Kewra water
2ml Rice wine vinegar
100ml Cucumber and watermelon water
Pandan leaf garnish

Brand Info:

“Gin production has remained almost completely unchanged since the mid-18th century. Most are good. Some are very good. We wanted to achieve something outstanding.”

William and Lucy Lowe started Cambridge Distillery with the vision to make gins that could capture the taste of the English seasons using fresh botanicals grown in and around their home in
Cambridge. For William and Lucy, no two botanicals are identical and, as such, they need to be treated individually. To achieve this, they pioneered a unique novo-dimensional vacuum distillation method allowing them to tailor temperature and pressure along with seven other parameters to each botanical. This means they can distill the freshest, most delicate ingredients whose flavours would otherwise not survive traditional distillation.

With more than two decades of experience in wines and spirits, teaching over 10,000 trade professionals, Cambridge Disstilery’ co-founder, William Lowe MW became the first ever master distiller to become Master of Wine. Using his expert palate, William carefully blends individual distillates to create extremely well-balanced gins with entirely different flavour profiles according to the ingredient’s provenance and seasonality.

Alcohol%: 42%
Country of Origin: UK
Size: 700ml


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