Montelobos Pechuga Mezcal



750 = 750
獲得icon 150 次300,000里數大激賞抽獎機會

Mezcal Espadà distilled with a turkey breast, seasonal fruits and spices. Our Montelobos pechuga is produced from a third distillation with a turkey breast, providing a sensory experience of all the spices and fruits that have been meticulously selected. Montelobos pays homage to the traditions of Oaxaca with an experiment based on traditional forms and typical festive ingredients

production place
Palenque Montelobos (NOM-0156X), Rancho Loma Larga, Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca

type of agave and cultivation
Organically cultivated Espadà

type of cooking
Conical undeground stone pit oven fueled with encino and pine wood

With a traditional single stone tahona pulled by mule

Wild fermentation in open pine wood vats (no yeast or nutrients added)

Copper still distillation heated with direct firewood

third distillation
With turkey, seasonal fruits and species



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