Montelobos Tobala Mezcal



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Montelobos Tobala is an unaged joven mezcal, crafted from meticulously cultivated agave, which is roasted underground, wild fermented and small batch, copper pot distilled to achieve a perfect balance of green agave, sweetness and subtle smoke.

tasting notes

COLOR: Clear with bright platinum.

NOSE: Lemon, licorice, green pepper, pear, citrus and spices.

TASTE: Basil, roasted fig, macadamia and truffle.


Born from centuries of ancient mezcalero craft and enlightened by the methodical pursuit of true perfection.

Meticulously crafted, artisanally produced and strikingly balanced, Montelobos is an experience unto itself.

Alcohol: 46.8%

Country of origin: Mexico

Size: 750ml

production place
Palenque del Tentzo, San Nicolas Huajuapan, Puebla

type of agave and cultivation
Sustainably cultivated Tobala agave

type of cooking
Conical underground brick pit oven fueled with encino and tepeguaje wood

With a mechanical shredder mill

Wild fermentation in open pine wood vats (no yeast or nutrients added)

Copper still distillation heated with direct firewood



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