Pommery Cuvee Louise Nature 2004


Since Cuveè Louise is characterised by low dosage by nature, the temptation was great to make the leap and turn it into a vintage without dosage and hence into a Brut Nature. This was particularly tempting for this 2004 Vintage which by nature has a good constitution and hence a good presence on the nose and on the palate. Consequently, we decided to propose this Cuveè Louise 2004 under the denomination of a Brut Nature to create an alternative to the traditional Cuveè.

alcohol %

country of origin

grape varieties
Chardonnay 67%, Pinot Noir 33%

tasting notes
Color: Yellow shades and slightly green reflections
Nose: notes of slightly dried lemon, white flowers, all with a very nice minerality and good freshness
Palate: very tense, leaving the impression of surfing on a razor blade given its great fineness. Its final is very direct and the finish in the mouth leaves a memory of a very subtle wine


about the brand
Pommery was established in 1836 in the heart of Reims, Champagne region. At that time when the prevailing taste for Champagne was sweet-toothed, Louise Pommery created the first vintage Brut. This revolutionary dry style is now the standard in Champagne. Consistent top quality, variety and innovation are what set Pommery apart.




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