Vecchia Romagna 18


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Intense and refined, Riserva18 is an extraordinarily sophisticated sipping wine distillate. An expert blend of spirits aged for a minimum of 18 years. Its ageing in small and large casks and finishing in barrels, that previously containedItaly’s prestigious Amarone della Valpolicella wine, give the spirit an intense and sophisticated aromatic profile.

Riserva 18 represents the essential synthesis of the unique Vecchia Romagna method. Its intense aromatic profile is the result of ageing for a minimum of 18 years in French oak barriques and large Slavonian oak casks, followed by refinement in barrels used to age Amarone della Valpolicella, a prestigious Italian red wine. The process defines its structure and roundness, adding intense, persistent notes.

THE UNIQUENESS OF VECCHIA ROMAGNA 18 YEARS: The Riserva 18 will come in a uniquely designed and premium box, embellished by elegant details. A certificate stating the serial number of the bottle(which will go from 1 to 5000 for this first release) will be included in the box, making it an even more special item.

COLOUR: An extremely bright, warm amber containing hints of mahogany and gold.

NOSE: Spicy notes and tobacco leaf blend with ethereal hints of dried fruit and bold notes of walnut and fig. It is easy to recognise the wine from which the brandy is made, expressed in notes recalling sherry, port and marsal.

PALATE: Smooth, intense, persistent. Yellow candied fruit blends with fruit preserved in spirits and spicy notes of cinnamon, pimento and cloves. The complex notes of walnut leaf and newly dried tobacco leaf stand out, as well as coffee and fortified wines such as madeira. Finishing in barrels used in the making of Italy’s classic Amaronedella Valpolicella wine adds a winy, tannic touch underlining the spirit’s structure and balance.

Alcohol%: 43.8%

Country of origin: Italy

Size: 700ml


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