Heroes VHHX (24 cans)


325 = 325
獲得icon 60 次300,000里數大激賞抽獎機會
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Heroes Beer Co.
Vienna Lager | 5.0%

On his way to the next quest, Albert took a detour down VHHX, the old aviation heroes training ground. The headmaster shared stories of how low-flying heroes honed their skills landing in this challenging runway located in the middle of the world’s densest city. Back then, each hero was supplied with a floating bread roll to help them keep balance in the sky. Since the training ground moved to its new home in 1998, these bread rolls were left unused floating around. Knowing Albert, he decided to throw these floating rolls into his BINO to see what happens, and ended up with this rich, toasty VHHX Vienna Lager.


0 – 20



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